Detoxification programs for addictions or disorders include all related therapeutic services, such as:

  • One client at a time

  • 100% discretion and privacy

  • Evaluation of mental health and full medical assessment

  • Comprehensive medical and laboratory examinations

  • Psychological and psychiatric therapy

  • Multiple hours of one-on-one therapy daily

  • 24-hour monitoring and care

  • Collaboration with international organizations and experts

  • Daily treatments such as Psychanalysis/Psychotherapy, Pilates, Yoga, Personal training, Breathing, Meditation, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Massage

  • Biochemical restoration of the brain and body with daily treatments

  • Freshly cooked meals according to your personal meal plan

  • Nutritional supplements

  • 24-hour stay in our private luxury residence with 5-star services

  • Personal security and household assistance services

  • Organizing daily recreational activities

  • Availability of a luxury vehicle and driver

We provide the very best care and comfort for the 30/60/90-day individual programs especially and tailored designed for each patient, together with hospitality services.

We are also available to introduce you to our online and after-therapy support programs, as well as our specially designed two-week detox repair programs.

Our centre is able to provide you with any other personal care services you may need through the provided external partnerships.

Private penthouse apartments and suites, boats or yachts is available upon request.

All costs are to be covered by the clients directly.

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